Monday, 20 October 2014

Bazaar, Cross-country and a Dairy Educator

The largest event, the Bazaar, in the 2014-2015 school year occurred this past Saturday.  The day was filled with fun, games, food, crafts, auction items and fellowship.  What a tremendous blessing this bazaar is to our school community.  A big thank you to our co-chairs of the event Tracy and Sheree and their committee members: Rita, Michelle, Corrina, Allison, Kelly, Sonia, Rachel, Tamara, Sharon, Mariska, Tryphena, Paula, Rachel, Liisa, Robin, Judy and Jolene.  I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did.
On Friday, our cross-country team travelled to Dundas to participate in the All-Ontario Christian School Cross-country Meet.  The team had a great time and they were happy with their individual results.  This meet marks the end of the season for the cross-country team.  Thanks to all the runners for their hard work and to Mrs. Hovingh for her work coaching the team.  I hope each of you can relate to the quote from the movie, “Chariots of Fire”, “God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure. "
Last week Thursday, the Wellington County Dairy Educator, Nancy Harper visited the school and led a session with each grade on different topics associated with the Dairy industry.  The students also enjoyed yummy dairy treats.
This week will be a short week.  The teachers are attending the Edifide Teacher’s Convention in Ancaster on Thursday and Friday as part of their Professional Development.  

 Items for sale or up for auction

Food items were collected at the door for the local food bank.




Our Junior Girls team

Our Junior Boys
 Senior Girls

Senior Boys

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Soda Pop and Other Things that Make Us Thankful

Last week, I had the opportunity to be one of many official product testers in Grade 7/8.  As part of their science unit, the students had to create a syrup that would form the base flavour for a pop.  Each group of students could use whatever type of sugary products they wished in order to create the syrup.  The Grade 7/8 students used such things as caramel popcorn, mint, sour keys, Werther's, lemon candies, sugar sticks and other candies.  These were mixed in a variety of combinations and amounts.  The flavour profiles were interesting to say the least.  Each group also had to create a product label and product name to describe their pop.  On the day of tasting, the syrup was mixed with tonic water to create the pop.  It was fun tasting the various products even though with a name like Snake Venom, I was not real sure what I was getting myself into.  What I enjoyed the most was the student's reactions and enthusiasm.  They were excited and eager to share their creations with me.  It is this enthusiasm for learning that I want to encourage.  God created us to be discoverers and innovators.  This lesson helped the Grade 7/8 students realize this truth.

Last week Tuesday, The JK/SK class visited Mapleton Organic Farm.  While I do not know all odf the details with the trip, I know they had fantastic weather and it looks like they had a wonderful time.  Learning takes place everywhere.

We also have photos from last week's Cross Country Meet in Brantford.  As you will be able to see on the faces of the runners, running is real work, but there is also joy in running a good race.  The apostle Paul reminds us about running the good race in several places in the New Testament including 1 Corinthians 9.  These students prepared and ran the race in order to win the prize.  May we prepare for and run the race of life and faith with the same determination.

Unfortunately, we have no pictures from our Thanksgiving Assembly.  It was a joy to celebrate and worship together.  We have a tremendous amount of blessings to be thankful for as our Thanksgiving Tree signifies.

Enjoy the photos.