Thursday, 8 January 2015

Weekly Message - January 8

As the administrator of Community Christian School, one of my roles is ensure that the mission, vision and values of the school are being achieved; therefore, I keep my eyes and ears open so that I can find evidence that we are achieving our goals. 
I came across these two pictures that I have added to my message because they resonated very strongly with me.  These pictures were taken several days before the Christmas break.  

It is a picture of a student from Grade 3/4 working with a JK/SK student.  Those two classes joined together for the afternoon to make gingerbread houses.  While the activity may seem like just a fun time, I believe strongly that the picture proves that a lot more is going on that meets our goals as a school.  Our vision states that we desire “to ignite a zeal for Christian education” The students in that classroom we actively engaged in the learning process.  I imagine that these two students are dealing with the problem of creating a stable structure.  They are interacting with their given materials and discovering the created properties of those materials.  Together they are problem solving and in the end they have achieved their goals. Together, they created some beautiful, strong and delicious.  What better way to be engaged in learning.
Also one of our core values is “Belonging”.  It is our desire is to have our children and students accepted as children of God and to be recognized as His image bearers; therefore, they are loved and nurtured.  Having two students working side by side, helps to reinforce this goal.  It helps to break down the artificial barriers that schools create between ages.  By working with others of various ages, we begin to understand and accept each other.  As we know each other better, we appreciate the gifts that everyone has been given and also we begin to serve one another when we are weak or need assistance. 

I praise God that Community Christian School is a loving and nurturing place.  Please continue to pray that our students and teachers may feel that sense of belonging and demonstrate a zeal for discovering God’s creation through Christian education.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Pre-Christmas Activities

Hot Lunch served in the gym.  There were students from a variety of Grades sitting at each table.  This was a great way to get to know someone else a little bit better.  The food was great as well.  Thanks to the moms who prepared the food.

Instead of receiving gifts for her birthday, one student asked for donations to be made to a student from Adoration Christian School in Haiti.  The money was used for tuition.  What a way to bless someone else.

JK/SK and Grade 3/4 joined together to create gingerbread house.  A wonderful shared learning experience that was also delicious.

Nativity Day - The students dressed up as a nativity character or animal.  Unfortunately the camera froze a couple of times and the photos from a few classes were not saved.

Student Council designed and led a number of Christmas themed activities.

ABC's of Christmas

Christmas Memory

Untangle the Christmas Lights

Grade 1/2 - Mystery Sight Words
As the students painted the light bulb, a new sight word would appear.  This is a great example of a very creative and engaging learning activity.

The Grade 1/2 class spent some time outside of the classroom sharing their reading skills with a group of seniors.