Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Students' Council Orange Day - Foodbank Collections

Students' Council - Red Day - Collections for Foodbank

Our Students' Council has decided that this week will be "Colour Week".  They have designated each day to have a special on which students wear that colour and then bring a non-perishable good of that colour for the Food Bank.  Well done, Students' Council.  Thanks for helping us to look outwards.  

Friday, 8 November 2013

Chapel - Fruit of the Spirit - Joy

We had a great time at our most recent chapel where we continued our study of the Fruit of the Spirit.  This version was led by Miss VandenHazel and we explored Joy.  It was nice to meet in our small groups beforehand to talk about the truth that true joy comes through Jesus Christ, and is more profound that short term happiness.  Loving this year's theme.....

Waterloo Regional Museum Forest Festival 2013

Our Grade 5/6 class participated in the Forest Festival hosted by the Waterloo Regional Museum.  Looks like they had a lot of fun getting outside and doing some hands-on outdoor learning.