Friday, 26 September 2014

A Very Busy Week

As you scroll through the pictures below, you will notice that this week was very busy.  I forgot to take pictures of one important event and that was the vision and mission meetings that took place.  Even though there were no photos, these meetings were important events.  I learned many things about Community Christian School from its members and leaders.  I heard about your hopes and dreams, the things you value most, some of the mistakes of the past, the challenges of the future and most important your solid foundation of your faith in your Triune God.

Enjoy seeing our week through the following photos.  Hopefully, I will be able to add some photos from today's soccer tournament next week.

Grade 6 and 7 enjoying ice cream.  This was a reward for their work on a banner that was submitted to the Drayton fair.  We heard that the banner was a highlight of the fair.

Terry Fox Run/Walk.  It was a beautiful day.

An expression of Joy

Awesome photo of Grade 3/4

Contemplating the mysteries of creation.

Red Day in JK/SK.  It is too bad that I cannot get the smell of the applesauce that they made onto the blog.

 Chapel - Hero of the Faith - King David

Chapel Drama - Narrator

King David

King David and King Saul

King David and his aide

King Saul and his sleeping soldiers

Grade 5/6 leading the singing and dancing for our theme song "One Way"

Friday, 19 September 2014

This Week at CCS

Here are a few photos showing some of the things that happened at CCS this week.

A sample of Grade 1/2 work.  Who am I?  Can you identify the students?  Perhaps, we should run a contest.

A student receiving some one on one instruction with Mrs. Hovingh.

Our librarian volunteers are ready for the first library visit in the new library.

The SK/JK class is hearing a story read by another of our great volunteers.

Ready to sign out a lot of books.

The students are enjoying the new space as well.

Student Council Speech Assembly

I am very thankful for these student leaders.  Each of these students was willing to use the gifts God gave them to help serve the CCS community.  These
are the students running for Student's Council.

Our Friday tradition, closing the week together in prayer.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Sub Day

There are some other benefits to going to school besides learning about God and His awesome creation.  Sometimes, we get to enjoy the taste of that creation.  Check out these photos of our first sub day.

Three Grade 5 girls that are happy and thankful to have such good food.

Grade 1/2 enjoying their lunch.

Grade 6 students preparing their subs.  Please note the two volunteers in the background.  They worked hard all morning preparing the food.  Thanks.

The grade 8 class was last to receive their lunch, but there was still an abundance of food.  The JK/SK students in the background are getting ready to go outside.